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Polymers for Oil

Other Polymers for Oil Field Applications

Besides polymer for EOR, SNF manufactures many other polymers for use in the oil field. These applications are varied but the main activities after Enhanced Oil Recovery are:

  • Drag Reduction
  • Drilling Fluids

SNF conducts laboratory tests on these products in order to provide the best polymer for these applications.

Drag Reduction

Within any given oil field, the amount of water injected into a reservoir for sweep efficiency, pressure maintenance and voidage replacement can be severely limited by existing water injection facilities. Once this limitation is reached, injection facilities must be upgraded to increase injection capacity. If not, ultimate oil recovery could be reduced. Facilities upgrades of this type require significant capital investment and may not be feasible due to logistics or platform loading.

SNF’s DR series can increase injection capacity and flow line performance by reducing turbulence at high Reynolds numbers, thus reducing the amount of turbulent flow friction. Typical drag reduction effect is 25-50%. DR polymer is added to the injection system continuously at low concentration and requires minimum capital costs to initiate.

Oil Field Applications

  • Increase water flow rate into injections wells.
  • Increase bottom hole pressure.
  • Reduce operating costs in water injection facilities.
  • Operate injection pumps at lower speed to increase operating life.
  • Reduce the level of corrosion.
  • Temporarily used to increase the injection rate in parts or whole fields to make up voidage ratio lost during downtime or high production rates.
  • Used from the beginning of injection to minimize capital expenses by allowing design of smaller pipelines or tubing.
  • Production wells with high water cut.
  • Water pipelines.
  • Oil Pipelines having more than 10% water cut.

Field procedure, treatment and performance.
DR Polymer is injected on the fly directly into the flow line which allows quick and easy placement. The polymer is mixed by the turbulence in the pipeline. Injection is accomplished with a small chemical pump (a réferencer dans FLOQUIP). In case of multi-phase flow, the polymer may require pre-inverting in water before it is injected into the pipeline.

FLODRILL for the drilling industry.

SNF has developed a wide array of polymers for water based drilling mud systems. The range of SNF polymers covers one or more of the following applications in drilling fluids: Viscosity, fluid loss control, shale inhibition.

Both natural xanthan gum and synthetic polyacrylamide polymers are supplied in a variety of grades for specific applications. Polyacrylamide provides viscosity, thixotropic behavior and fluid loss properties and xanthan gum provides viscosity in harsh brines and mud systems.

Drilling fluids are necessary for the following applications:

  • Removal of cuttings from the wellbore, due to the viscosity and the flow rate in the annulus.
  • Control of down-hole pressure, by the density of the mud.
  • Cooling and lubrication of the drill bit.
  • Formation of filter cake on the wellbore walls, by filtrate loss properties.
  • Suspension of cuttings and weighting materials during downtime due to the thixotropic behavior of the mud system.

Large range of polymers

SNF has developed its range of polymers with different characteristics in order to provide products for specific needs. Some of these drilling fluid polymers are shown below with the following characteristics.

  • Low molecular weight and very high anionic polymers are used as bentonite extenders.
  • High molecular weight with KCL salt are used as anti clay swelling agents.
  • Very low molecular weight and anionic polymers are used for fluid loss control. Sulfonated polymers are used for HIGH TEMPERATURE FLUID LOSS CONTROL.
  • Sulfonated polymers are used for LOW TO MEDIUM TEMPERATURE FLUID LOSS CONTROL.
  • Sulfonated polymers are used for HIGH TEMPERATURE OR HARSH ENVIRONMENT.

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